Tuesday, March 15, 2011

While the World is focused on Japan, Gaddafi is continuing his attack on the opposition forces

The massive 8.9 earthquake has diverted world's attention from Libya to Japan, where thousands have disappeared in the tsunami. There is no doubt that Japan needs help and on a massive scale. There is a shortage of food, water, shelter and all the day to day need things. But let us not leave Libya in the hands of Gaddafi, who is bombing and killing his own people. His scorched earth policy has already destroyed the city of Ras Lanuf and its oil refinery and he is now setting sights on Ben Ghazi.

The world needs to keep Libya in focus, lest it become another Rawanda, where inter tribal fighting left thousands dead. If Gaddafi over-powers his opponents, he is likely to exact similar revenge on all the opposing tribes, especially the Warfa tribe - the largest in Libya. It is time for the world and the United Nations to act.

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