Monday, February 8, 2010


Why does President Obama talk about killing or capturing Osama bin Laden when speculation is that the terrorist died soon after Tora Bora. Logic dictates that a sick man with a bad kidney needing regular dialysis could not possibly have survived this long in the rugged mountains.

There were reports suggesting that his funeral took place soon after he escaped from US attack on Tora Bora. He has certainly not been seen ever since though there have been a couple of video tapes. The last one showing him a lot younger with a totally black beard. There have also been occasional audio tapes, but both the videos and audios appear highly suspect.

With all the resources at their disposal, should US intelligence agencies not know whether he is dead or alive? And if he is dead then why is "killing or capturing" bogey still being paraded around?

President Obama came to office on a platform of change. Should he not tell the American public what he knows?

And if intelligence agencies do not know whether OBL is dead or alive, then it does not say much for their intelligence gathering. Then what are US troops doing in Afghanistan, when it is not even known whether enemy number one exists or not?

Perhaps it is time to pull all troops out of Afghanistan and let the Afghans decide their own fate.