Wednesday, March 9, 2011


The recent attacks on Ras Lanuf by Qaddaffi forces are criminal. Mr. Qaddafi needs to stop killing his own people.

The National Council formed by the opposition and led by Mr. Mustafa Al-Jalil has offered very reasonable terms to Mr. Qaddafi to leave Libya within 72 hours and they will pursue no prosecution even after he leaves. The people of Libya want peace, continued fighting and bloodshed is tearing the country apart. It seems that Mr. Qaddafi is hell bent on destroying his own country. He has unleashed his anger on the Libyan people who have had enough of him after 41 years. Despite the nonchalant attitude in his television interviews, he is pursuing a 'death to opposition' policy.

The recent attacks on oil installations on Ras Lanuf and Zaawiya are an indication that Qaddafi and his obnoxious sons are trying to paralyse the oil industry in rebel hands.

When will Qaddafi learn that the democratic winds of change currently blowing in the Middle East no longer want him anymore? It is time for Mr. Qaddafi to stop killing his own people and leave Libya for good.

One hopes that after the disastrous outcome of U.K.'s incursion into Libya through MI6 agents, their capture, humiliation and deportation by opposition groups, no foreign forces will venture into Libya. Any hint of foreign interference will only strengthen Mr. Qaddafi's hand, as he will use it to play the 'colonization of Libya card' to justify stay.

Where U.S. and Europe can help, is to perhaps to get a neutral country to agree to take Qaddafi and his sons, so that his departure from Libya is sooner rather than later.

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