Thursday, March 31, 2011

Defecting Libyan Foreign Minister is no saint

The west seems to be drooling over Libya's former Forein Minister who recently defected to the West. Just because he has defected does not make this man a saint.

While he was Libya's Ambassador in London, he allegedly sated that he wanted to finish Gaddafi's opponents. He was sent back from London and went to become the Head of Libyan Intelligence. His hands are no cleaner than Gaddafi's, as he must have known or been actively involved in the disappearance and elimination of several Libyan nationals, who opposed the regime.

The west has to be cautious in dealing with Moussa Koussa. He may have been sent by Gaddafi to find out what the west is planning. Drooling over this man is rather naive of the western leaders and the media.

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