Thursday, November 24, 2011

Egyptian Military Must Step Aside

The peaceful demonstrations in Tahrir Square have been turned into riots by Egyptian Military by their use of tear gas, live bullets and more. Clearly, the Egyptian Military no longer has the confidence of its people. It must step aside and let an interim Civilian Government conduct free and fair general elections.

Military's job is to defend the country from foreign aggression, not subdue and conquer its own people. It was one thing to refuse ongoing support to Hosni Mubarak's regime, it is another to keep a hold on power. It has been nine months since Mubarak was ousted and the military has not held elections. No wonder Egyptians are impatient. If the vast majority of people do not want the military to be involved in conducting elections, then Mr. Tantawi and his generals must return to the barracks and hand over power to a civilian interim Government preferably headed by a Supreme Court judge to conduct elections within three months.


Anonymous said...

Talk about Pakistan, 100 times worse tha Egypt and a menace to the whole world. No water, no electricity, supplier of terrorists to the whole world, celebrating murderers like of the governor of Punjab, virtually no higher education of any use, spreader of hate, etc. No point talking of minor issues especially if you are originally from another country.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the comment. The author's posts seem to vent his anti-Americanism. Can't understand how he can be an observer of world politics and pretend to ignore issues from Pakistan, the world acknowledged epicenter of terrorism.Especially since he appears to be from Pakistan.Perhaps he is like his countrymen who are in denial about this problem and blame everybody else for their problems. No point just talking about Libya.Iran.anti-American rants and ignoring issues directly related to the author that affect world politics. Show some objectivity instead of pointing fingers at everybody else especially Americans.