Monday, September 19, 2011

U.N. Veto on Palestinian State could have far reaching consequences for the U.S.

When Ramzih bin-Al Shibh, the number four Al-Qaeda leader was captured from Karachi in September 2002, he openly admitted to plotting the 9/11 attacks and said, these attacks were a revenge on the U.S. for decades of Palestinian suffering and for its unconditional support to Israel. These revelations were contained in CBC's Fifth Estate documentary aired recently.

This week, the Palestinian Authority is moving the U.N. for recognition as a State. Palestinians have the support of almost all countries of the world except Israel and U.S. U.S. is threatening to use its veto in the Security Council. If U.S. were to carry out its threat and veto the proposal, it will be a sad day for the world and it could also have far reaching consequences for the United States.

The Israel and Palestinians negotiations have been stalled for some time now. Obama Administration has been frustrated by the intransigent stand of Netanyahu Government. Repeated requests to halt new settlements have been met with Israeli disdain. Vice President Biden was literally slapped in the face when he had to turn back as soon as his plane landed in Israel, because Netanyahu announced new settlements while he was in the air.

President Obama has tried to get the negotiations under way. He even appointed an experienced and able interlocutor in Senator Mitchell to kick start the peace process, but Israel thwarted it at every step. Senator Mitchell, who helped negotiate a peace deal between the warring factions in Ireland has given up this job for not getting anywhere. Israel's complaint against the Senator - he is too fair.

Is the U.S. really going to use the veto? If it does, it will be the worse show of diplomacy by a mighty country. In their quest for statehood, Palestinians have the support of entire world. Is U.S. willing to go against the entire world and come to Israel's help even though it has failed to persuade Netanyahu to come to a fair and reasonable peace settlement?

One hopes better sense will prevail and U.S. will play the role of a world leader that it is and refrain from using the veto.

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