Monday, April 4, 2011

Cricket World Cup 2015

The third most watched sporting event in the world - Cricket World Cup concluded successfully on April 2 in Mumbai with India winning the cup and quite deservedly so. Financially, this was the most successful world cup ever. Rumor has it that Corporate Hospitality Boxes in Mumbai were going for as much as Rs.5 Crore (US$1.1m).

For world's greatest batsman Sachin Tendulkar, this was the crowning moment of his long and successful career. He is one of the finest batsmen ever produced by the game of cricket, a true gentleman and a fine example for young cricketers to follow.

Cricket is becoming a popular sport around the world. In US & Canada alone, there are several thousand cricket teams at school and local levels. The game is just waiting to break out in a big way in North America.

In the 2011 world cup fourteen teams competed. However, in its infinite wisdom, the cricket governing body - ICC has decided to restrict number of teams to ten in Cricket World Cup 2015. This is a blow to young and aspiring cricketing nations like Canada, Ireland, Kenya etc. However, these teams will be able to compete in the World Twenty20 competition.

The need is to popularize cricket and not restrict it. By excluding these teams from 2015 World Cup, ICC is doing injustice to new and upcoming cricketing nations. Hopefully, ICC will review its decision before long.

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