Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Bollywood Comes to Toronto for Internation Indian Flim Academy Awards (IIFA) 2011

Bollywood brings it star studded spectacle of annual film awards (the Indian Oscars) to Toronto, Canada this year. The event takes place on June 25, 2011 at Rogers Centre (formerly and still better known as the Skydome), which has a seating capacity in excess of 50,000.

Toronto is waiting for this event with baited breath as it will bring a number of Bollywood stars to the city. Amongst those nominated for best actor and actress are Shahrukh Khan, Salman Khan, Ashwaria Rai & Vidya Balan. It is an exciting time for three hundred thousand plus South Asian community living in Greater Toronto Area. The event will also bring much needed revenue to city's hospitality industry.

It is understood that Ontario Government has been very generous in allocating a few million dollars to support the event. However, in spite of Ontario tax payers contribution, not a single ticket is available in the market except through unscrupulous scalpers at exorbitant prices. Hopefully, before parting with the funds, Ontario Government will insist on tickets being made available through regular ticket outlets.

The event will be one of the most spectacular stage shows. More importantly, it will promote Toronto as one of the best cities in the world and millions watching on their TV screens thousands of miles away will hopefully be tempted to visit this cosmopolitan and most multi-cultural city.

Below is one of the entries nominated for best female vocals:

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