Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The Tea Party Movement - Is It A Genuine Conservative Movement Against Big Spending or Just An Assembley of Power Hungry Racists?

The Tea Party Movement's protests against big Government and big spending make absolute sense. After all the U.S. is deep in debt and each year, Budget deficits have increased since Bill Clinton left office. It is no brainer that U.S. must bring down its budget deficits and start paying down its debt to curtail it to a more acceptable level of 30 to 40% of GDP compared to the current level of 80 to 90% of GDP.

The amount of money spent on saving the big banks, the auto industry, AIG and such like, have increased national debt enormously. So, protesting about big spending is quite appropriate. But where was the Tea Party Movement when George W. Bush was busy launching an illegal invasion of Iraq costing the U.S. taxpayer nearly a trillion dollars and giving tax cuts to the wealthy at the time of war adding another one and a half trillion dollars to deficit? Where was the Tea Party Movement when Bush merrily turned Bill Clinton's budget surpluses to deficits year after year. If the Tea Party Movement really stands for fiscal conservatism, then why did they not have rowdy gatherings like they do now or organize big rallies on the Mall in Washington D.C. to protest against Bush Administration's disastrous economic policies. The huge budget deficits that now face the nation and the financial crisis that ensued in 2008 are a direct result of those policies.

The Tea Partiers did not raise their voice during Bush era because this movement is not for fiscal conservatism - that is just a facade. They are (at least most of them) a group of nut job racists who malign and blame Barrack Obama for everything as they find it hard to accept an African American occupying the White House. So, when they talk about taking America back, who are they taking America back from?

The Tea Party Movement has won some primary races within the Republican party and no doubt will win some elections too. Momentarily, it may appear a setback for the Democrats, but in reality, it is the Republicans who will lose. Having these crazies in their midst is going to be a major headache for the Republican leadership in the House and Senate.

Some examples of the Tea Party craziness:

Carl Paladino running for New York Governor admits to fathering an illegitimate child, but blames his Democrat opponent for immorality.

Sharon Angle in a race against Harry Reid in Arizona sees ghosts of thousands of terrorists crossing the border from Canada.

Rand Paul wants restaurant owners to decide who comes into their restaurants - in other words racial segregation all over again.

Christine O'Donnell is having to put out ads saying, she is not a witch!

Joe Miller, the Senate candidate from Alaska has a journalist handcuffed for asking questions by his thugs aka private security.

And finally, Sarah Palin wants Muslims to "RUFUDIATE" the mosque in New York.

It will be fun watching some of these jokers occupy the House and Senate seats.

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Rajesh said...

Ajaz, I agree with what you have to say about Tea Party movement, but Tea Party movement was only originated after the Bush era. It is no movement, just the Republican party hooligans who are making noise under a new umbrella. Republicans know how to control them, I hope.