Monday, March 1, 2010


President Obama and the Democratic leadership have allowed the Healthcare bill to linger far too long, it should have passed months ago. Republicans and Tea Party activists have been given far too much time to bash the bill in an effort to derail it.

It has been quite obvious all along that Republicans are NOT going to support it in any shape or form, then why waste time in trying to win them over. Their vested interests do not allow them to support anything that goes against the insurance company interests. Rumor has it, their re-election campaign coffers are filling up nicely through campaign contributions by vested interests. Apparently Republicans are not the only beneficiaries either, some Democrats opposed to the bill also seem to be receiving this bounty.

The Healthcare bill should now be passed immediately through a reconciliation process, which requires only 51 votes in the Senate. And yes, the Public Option should be kept in the bill as it is the responsibility of the Government to provide a good healthcare system. If insurance companies won't cover or are expensive, then the Government should step in to provide coverage to its citizens. Lessons should be learned from the Canadian public healthcare system.

Canada has most probably the best healthcare system in the world. The disinformation campaign against it in the US by vested interests and Senator McCain (him probably out of ignorance than malice) is utterly dishonest. Canadian public healthcare system covers every man, woman and child (very eloquently elaborated by William Shatner in the closing ceremonies last night). Healthcare is funded through taxes and no insurance premiums are required. All procedures recommended by doctors (except of course elective cosmetic surgery)are 100% covered and no co-payment is required. There may be a wait time for a minor surgeries, but major surgeries are attended to immediately. And NO, the Government does not have a say in who gets operated on, the Doctors do as they are completely independent in their decision making.

US Economy faces far more serious challenges than to allow Healthcare debate to occupy center stage for this long. It should have been off the table several months ago. President and his team need to focus on job creation, trade and budget deficits. He had an excellent campaign team that brought him to the White House, but many of these who became his advisers are green and not experienced in the way Washington works. He needs to bring in some experienced hands who can tackle the Senators and Congressmen, some of whom have been in DC for 30 years and know all the tricks to derail an Administration.

It is time to pass the Healthcare bill NOW.

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Mike's Common Sense said...

I agree that President Obama and the Democrats let the Health Care Bill get away from them but I think it is too late for anything to happen now. The Republicans will remain firmly entrnched against it and now many Democrats are more worried about re-election rather than the good of the people.
Obama had his chance and blew it.
I also agree that the USA should do a comprehensive study of the Canadian medical system and see how adaptable such a system would be. I know doctors wanting big bucks and insurance companies wanting even bigger bucks will fight, but it is time to face reality and get practical.