Saturday, March 22, 2008

Democracy Returns to Pakistan

After nine years of President Musharraf's dictatorial rule in Pakistan democracy is on the threshold of returning to Pakistan once again. On February 18, 2008 the people of Pakistan voted to elect secular and popular political parties opposed to President Musharraf.

President Bush got his foreign policy bet wrong again. He supported Musharraf during and after the elections even though the people of his country had rejected him. Bush's blind support for Musharraf during Pakistan's blackest days when he illegally suspended the constitution, deposed and arrested the Chief Justice and sixty other judges of the Supreme and High Courts. The resulted the lawyers community starting a massive anti-Musharraf campaign in the country. Even those horrific pictures on our television screens showing black suited lawyers being beaten up and mishandled did not cause the Bush Administration to re-examine its policy. This has certainly not endeared the US to many in Pakistan. Only if they knew that nothing much Bush does that endears him to his own people.

A new National Assembly has been sworn in and a Prime Minister will be elected on Monday and a new democratically elected government will be in place on Tuesday March 25, 2008. The Government elect has decided to make it their priority to restore the Chief Justice and all other Judges removed by Musharraf.

Thus Musharraf era has come to an end. In his earlier years he did some good work for his country but because of his actions in the last twelve months, people of Pakistan cannot wait to see the back of him.


kamal khan said...

Pakistan is a peace loving and forward looking country which pursues a policy of moderation and friendliness towards all. Sadly, during the last 60 years, no serious effort has been made by the political leaders to promote democratic culture in the parties with a view to introduce the spirit of tolerance and establishing democratic traditions. They have to understand that the essence of democracy lies in dissension and conciliation evolving issues. In other words, difference of opinion, and presenting own views are part of democracy but ultimately the matters are to be decided on majority opinion leaving aside confrontational politics.
After February 18, 2008 elections the people of Pakistan have posed trust in the political leadership. The onus now is on the leadership to prove to the nation that they have the capacity to fulfill promises and put the country on the path of progress, peace and prosperity.

Ajaz Haque said...

I agree the political parties to have prove themselves worthy of the trust placed in them by Pakistani public.