Saturday, February 24, 2007

Withdraw U.S. troops from Iraq - NOW

Britain and Australia are withdrawing their troops from Iraq. I guess they have finally realized the futility of this mission. The U.S. on the other hand is increasing its troop strength. There was a time when increased troops could have helped and that was immediately after the occupation of Baghdad, but now it is way too late.

The continued occupation and presence of U.S. troops is strengthening the hands of insurgents by providing them a rallying cry. It also helps them recruit angry young Iraqis who have lost a father, brother, sister or mother to this war.

Many politicians argue that withdrawal will result in chaos in Iraq. Well isn't there chaos in Iraq now? Similar concerns were expressed before withdrawing from Vietnam, but look at Vietnam now. It is a progressive country with a booming economy. In Iraq most probably things will deteriorate before getting better, but ultimately things will work out and Iraqis need to resolve their own problems. There are many a sensible people amongst the Shias, Sunnis & Kurds who will in the end prevail in bringing together a coalition government which respects the rights of all.

It is futile to expect Congress to take a lead on this. After enthusiastically supporting the war, Republicans do not know where to look now and the Democrats are guilty of doublespeak and no one really knows where they stand.

This is President Bush's war and the sooner he realizes that there is nothing he can do for Iraq, the better.

Mr. President bring the troops home from Iraq - NOW.


Faultline USA said...

Hi Ajaz:

This is TXWise from Faultline USA and Maggie’s Blog. I’ve added you to our blogroll and please add Faultline USA to yours. I’m glad to see that you are a voice of moderation too. You wouldn’t believe the heck I’m getting on the comments on that Walter Reed article!

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Ajaz Haque said...

TXWise from faultline USA
Welcome to the blog.
The world is less safer today due to extremists ruling the roost. It is about time the voices of moderation rise to bring an end to world's divide.

CitizenBoo said...

I thought Australia and Britain pulling out was a sign of SUCCESS???

Ajaz Haque said...

Some success. Both Australian & British leaders face being kicked out of office as a result of their involvement in the war. They are 'Cutting & Running' to save whatever is left of their tattered reputations.