Tuesday, January 23, 2007

State of the Union

A less than impressive 49 minute speech with only a polite applause from the Democrats. Nancy Polosi looked rather uncomfortable except when he talked about health care when all Democrats rose in applause - but Dick Cheney stayed glued to his chair. The Democrats also cheered the President enthusiastically when he talked about immigration reform. Throughout the speech Bush seemed uptight, uncomfortable and less than convincing. He talked about Iraq with not much conviction, an issue that is most important to most Americans.

The strange thing was that Vice President Cheney sat and smirked through most of the speech and Codolozea Rice seemed to be on another planet.

This State of the Union address did not help Republicans any. If the President continues this course the Republicans are in danger of losing more seats in the House and Senate in 2008. With already the possibility of a Democratic President in 2008, checks and balances will be out of the window.

The Republican lawmakers may need to chart their own course to keep their seats and the balance of power which was so cherished by America's forefathers.


Thomas S. Brock said...

Good analysis, Ajaz.

This is perhaps the worst (from a writer's and speaker's point of view) President Bush has given. Josh Marshall was on CSPAN and made an astute observation: There was no central theme. The speech was made up of many ideas and they weren't weaved together to provide a coherent message.

Two things stand out upon immediate reflection: He used the words "global climate change" and he talked about Iran...A lot. The former I would find refreshing and a good sign, if I had any reason to believe anything would come of it. The latter rubs me quite a bit. Is this the road to Tehran? Is this the warning of an impending attack on Iranian military and nuclear sites? I don't know, and that scares the crap out of me.

Vice President Cheney's attitude may be a result of today's Libby trial opener. Both parties are painting Cheney as the big bad guy moving all the chess pieces. FireDogLake is live-blogging the event. Also, people are asking if Cheney's going to be asked to leave the White House.

And he was never all that cuddly anyway.

Overall, it was a poorly written and organized speech that received a very cool welcome from most of Congress.

Ajaz Haque said...

I agree with your observations completely. The question is who will leave the office first, Cheney or Condi?

Chad said...

Here is where I got 78%. Did you even read my post, it was like two sentences.

Chad said...

Here is where I got 78%. Did you even read my post, it was like two sentences.