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The American Jihadis (the neo-conservatives) pursuing Israeli agenda egged President George W. Bush on to invade and occupy Iraq and he stupidly followed their advice. His father, George H. Bush had shown maturity and political acumen by resisting such advice during his tenure even though he was in a legitimate war with Iraq after Saddam's illegal occupation of Kuwait. However, Bush Junior, could not resist those who brought him to power - the likes of Dick Cheney, Wolfowitz (a dual Israeli/US citizen), Rumsfeld, & others.

The final outcome is a fractured Iraq with local & foreign Sunni Jihadists about to capture a major chunk of the country and wreak havoc on Iraqi citizens as if the American invasion had not done enough damage on the hapless people of Iraq with half a million killed and six million made refugees.

The invasion was nothing short of a criminal enterprise, which the International Criminal Court (ICC) should have taken up immediately and issued arrest warrants for Bush & his cohorts.  However, the ICC is a gutless, sissy organization and its judges have no courage to stand up against tyranny inflicted by a major nation. The excuse that U.S. is not a signatory to ICC is a lame one and it should not have stopped them from issuing indictments of Bush & Co. ICC is only capable of issuing arrest warrants for third world dictators. This is a massive failure on the part of ICC, which should either be abolished completely or all its judges removed and new courageous judges appointed, who can stand up to anyone.

Saddam Husain was a tyrant, a dictator and an ego maniac, but his rule is almost beginning to look like a saner option than what has been bestowed on Iraq. During Saddam's time there was never a Shia-Sunni-Christian problem. Baghdad, Mosul & Basra were thriving cities with free education, health care for all and no electricity shortages. In Noori Al-Maliki, U.S. anointed a Shia hard liner who has suppressed the 30% Iraqi Sunni population.  He sits in the lap of Iranian Ayatollahs and takes instruction from them, whose personal security is provided allegedly by Iranian revolutionary guards. Instead of consolidating the country, Maliki's failure to share power with Sunnis has brought Iraq to its knees.

Extremist Sunni fighters having captured Mosul, Dohuk, Tikrit and now Baquba (a suburb of Baghdad) are knocking at the doors of Baghdad. They have not only found support amongst the Sunni civilian population, but also amongst the military, where soldiers and generals have switched sides in droves. Highly sophisticated American weapons are now in the hands of these extremists. An all new and a massive 850,000 U.S. trained Iraqi Army seems to be melting away. Maliki is asking for U.S. help and air power, the question is, why is his Army and Air Force not fighting?

Amongst the main causes of Iraq's fracture at the hands of U.S. was disbanding its multi-ethnic Armed Forces at the outset of the war and destroying civil structures. These incomprehensible acts by Bush & Co. have caused a body blow to Iraq, from which it has never recovered.

U.S. air raids now as advised by Senator McCain will be utterly insane. It will embolden Jihadis even more and swell their ranks with more Iraqi and other Sunnis joining to fight the 'devil'.

The best solution for Iraq at this time is for Maliki to dissolve the parliament, resign immediately followed by a unity Government independent of Iran's influence, representing Shias, Sunnis, Kurds & Christians. This Government should start a dialogue with major groups, come up with suggestions to amend the constitution to give everyone a fair share and hold fresh elections in about a year, so that wounds heal and Iraq stays one country, prosperous once again.

 Conspiracy theorists in Muslim World have long held the view that Iraqi invasion was engineered by Israel and inspired and backed by the Taliban of Christianity - Evangelical Christians (George W. Bush is  considered to be a follower of that crazy faith), to divide and destroy the Muslim World. They also say that continued war and occupation of Afghanistan, its alleged involvement in Rafik Hariri's murder, ouster of Gaddafi in Libya under the cover of 'no fly zones', engineered Military coup against an elected President in Egypt and attempts to overthrow Asad of Syria are all links in the chain. Each and every affected country, being a Muslim country!

Conspiracy theorists can say what they like, but U.S. actions from hereon will decide whether there is steam in those theories. If it pressurizes Maliki to quit and help form a fair and representative Government that keeps Iraq intact or does it succumb to the hardliners and bomb Iraq and fracture the country for good. Hopefully, President Obama will opt for the diplomatic option and ignore the call to war by McCains of this world.

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