Sunday, April 22, 2012


Nicholas Sarkozy is the only sitting French President to have lost first round ballot. According to latest results of Sunday's elections, Socialist candidate M. Francoise Hollande received 28.6% votes compared to Sarkozy's 27.3%. The extreme right wing candidate Marie Le Penn received 18% votes and the left wing party 11.1%. In the next round due on May 6, 2012, only the top two candidates take part. So, Sarkozy will now go head to head against Hollande. The question that everyone is asking, is Sarkozy toast? French public opinion polls show that the socialist candidate Hollande will defeat Sarkozy 55% to 45%, which means it may be all over for Mr. Sarkaozy. However, all may not be lost for Sarkozy yet. If all those who voted for Marie Le Penn vote for Sarkozy in the second round, he will have a head start at 45.6%. Holland will pick up the left wing vote bringing his total to 39.7%' which means he has higher hill to climb. But there is also the very high unlike ability factor for Sarkozy and that may play in the second round tilting voters towards Hollande. Sarkozy is in fact fighting for his political life. It is hard to predict at this stage, but there is a fair chance that France may have a new President come May 6.

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