Saturday, July 23, 2011

NORWAY - The Serpent within, Should it be called Christian Terror?

The rather tranquil country of 4.9 million inhabitants was shaken by a huge bomb blast in Oslo followed by random killings at a youth rally on an island. This horrific and mindless act of a terrorist has left nearly one hundred dead and many more injured.

At the outset, media and politicians pointed a finger at Islamic terrorism. But soon enough it turned out that the terrorist was none other than a blonde haired blue eyed Norwegian citizen. The suspect, Anders Behring Breivik is an extreme right wing Muslim hating, immigrant hating Christian fundamentalist.

In the last few years, this land of prosperity and peace has turned from a liberal to an extreme right majority. The media and politicians openly spew out hatred against Islam and immigrants. Extreme right wingers are constantly interviewed on television and their pathetic and hateful views given airing on a regular basis.

Apparently Anders Behring Breivik is one such person, who openly demonstrated hate against Muslims and immigrants. Ultimately, hate got the better of him and in an act terror, he snuffed out the lives of one hundred innocent human beings and for no reason at all. The serpent grew within. History has shown that when extremists are allowed a free reign and moderate and sensible people do not raise voice to check them, the consequences are often deadly. Hitler was a product of such hatred. The Muslim countries are also guilty of not stopping extremists in their midst, who turned from extremists to gun toting terrorists. Today, many countries including Muslim countries are suffering the consequences.

Since Mr. Anders Behring Breivik is an extremist Christian fundamentalist, should this act of terror now be called Christian Terror? Ideally, it would be best not to link name of any religion with terror as terror has no religion. It should be denounced most vociferously whenever and wherever it occurs. Hopefully, the West will have a better understanding of it after this heinous act.


wrath of khan said...

I doubt that the 'West' will recognize this heinous act as an act of 'terror'. That term 'terror' is now the exclusive trade mark associated to 'Muslim'. It has been patented by the West, this exclusivity.

Anonymous said...

yep the word terrorist is for muslims only. this event in norway has made the intore country relize how easy it is to blame some 1 so quickly withought any thought durning the hours that muslims wer being blamed inocent muslims in norway have been attacked and insulted. will they say sorry no will they take a look at why they spent millions montering muslim groups and failed to look at a guy buying 9 tons of fertuilzer nop. next they will say he did this coz muslims are in the country and if we get rid of the muslims then ppl like him wount do it again eather way its the muslims

Ajaz Haque said...

Hopefully, this act of terror will have Norwegians think differently and what was until recently a decent peaceful country, will return to moderate roots again.