Thursday, February 10, 2011


On January 27, 2011, a deadly incident occurred on the streets of Lahore, the second largest city in Pakistan and home to seven million people.

An American citizen, Raymond Davis a mercenary aka a private contractor hired by US Government rammed his rental vehicle into a biker knocking him off his bike. Rather than stopping to inquire about the biker's condition, he fled the scene. Another biker and his passenger seeing this, gave Davis a chase, caught up with him, pulled up their bike in front of Davis' car to prevent his escape. David pulled an automatic weapon and through the front windscreen of his car shot both the biker and his passenger dead putting eight bullets in one and five in the other.

Davis called US Consulate for help and a speeding vehicle arrived soon after cutting through and driving against one way traffic and in the process knocking and killing another biker. Both vehicles fled the scene, however the police chased and caught up with Davis arresting him two miles from the shooting scene. It is reported that Davis carried three automatic weapons, false documents and a false passport. US Government claims that Davis is an employee of a private contracting firm, Hyperion Protective Consultants of Orlando, Florida. However 'Counterpunch' reports that no such company exists in Florida.

US Government claims Davis has diplomatic immunity. It is applying immense pressure on Pakistan Government to release this thug and a criminal, threatening to cut off Pakistan's economic aid. Various US officials have hinted at canceling bi-lateral meetings. Hillary Clinton has been the worse culprit, canceling a scheduled meeting with Pakistan's Foreign Minister in Washington DC next week.

Diplomats are not supposed to commit murder, hence what Diplomatic immunity?
As it is, Davis' diplomatic immunity is in doubt and even if he has diplomatic immunity, US should immediately strip him of it and let him defend himself in Pakistani courts.

Why is the Obama Administration trying to protect a thug like Davis? Didn't Mr. Obama say in his election campaign that he will project a kinder, gentler face of America to the world, is this how he plans to project a kinder, gentler face?

So far, Pakistan Government has resisted pressure. But there is a lot of anger on the street and if Zaradri Government capitulates and releases Davis, all hell may break loose. The countrywide demonstrations that are likely to follow will possibly be so large and violent that Egypt will pale in comparison. There will be public pressure to end all cooperation with US over Afghanistan, potentially leading to a disorderly US withdrawal from Afghanistan, reviving painful memories of last days of Vietnam.

The best course at this stage is for Hillay Clinton and other officials of Obama Administration to back off and let the law take its course. Once the legal process has completed and some time has passed and anger has subsided, there may be an opportunity to exchange Davis with Pakistani prisoner in the US.

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