Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Pakistan Outrage

Musharraf initially made a commitment to the world in 1999 then in 2001 and again in 2004 that he will resign from his military position and bring back democracy to Pakistan, but each time he found an excuse to continue his military rule.

Sensing an increasingly independent judiciary he sacked Pakistan's Chief Justice in March this year - a power not bestowed upon him by the constitution. The Supreme Court overruled him reinstating the Chief Justice.

More recently his bogus election as President was about to be over turned by the Supreme Court when he imposed emergency rule, suspended constitution, decimated the Supreme Court and arrested all senior judges. This is a disgrace and an outrage and no civilised society should have to endure it. This is a desperate act of a desperate dictator trying to cling to power.

The Laws Societies around the world, Inns of Courts and all legal and judicial bodies should condemn this action and insist that Musharraf withdraw Emergency Rule, restore Pakistan Constitution, reinstate all judges of the Supreme Court, release lawyers and others arrested since the emergency.

If Musharraf fails to do this (say) in a week, a massive media campaign should be launched against him by the law societies around the world.


CitizenBoo said...

I have to say that the one good thing that has come from this is that the American people can see those in the Arab world demanding democracy and making educated arguments against Musharraf. Most of the time, the networks just play reels of angry mobs throwing rocks or burning American flags. With this, Americans can see a different view of the Middle East - and a people demanding freedom from the American-backed dictator.

Ajaz Haque said...

Boo, you are absolutely right. It is a sight to behold, black coated lawyers, students, women and human right activists protesting Musharraf's emergency are seeking a democratically elected government. They also reject White House brokered deal between Musharraf & Benazir Bhutto.